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The environment

2010 Report on sustainable development of the general interest port system

The current rewritten text of the Merchant Navy and Ports of the State Law (RDL 2/2011) includes sustainability as one of the principles to rule the planning and management model of our ports. This principle is related to two relevant and complementary objectives:

- To achieve a port development committed to its surroundings and which complies with the resources available in such a way that contributes to a harmonious and balanced growth that will not damage quality standards for our future generations.

- To contribute to create an integrated transport system that favours the achievement of sustainable mobility, which includes not only road transportation, but also maritime and railway transport, following current European guidelines.

The 2010 Report on Sustainable Development of the General Interest Port System stems from the reports handed in by the Spanish Ports Authorities during the Annual Management Plan meetings held in 2011. (File attached only in Spanish)


Good environmental practices in the port surroundings

These practices set the necessity to monitor activities and good management practices of the concessions, authorisations, contractors and businesses that operate inside the port facilities, in order to prevent environmental damage. (File attached only in Spanish)

Buenas_prácticas_Junio_20099244.pdf (2MB)