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Port aerial Port aerial

Welcome to the Port of Avilés's Web site. We hope that its pages will enable you to learn more about us, what we do and, above all, what we have to offer.

By way of a brief introduction we can tell you that the Port of Avilés is nearly one thousand year's old, and is greatly favoured by its extraordinary geographical location.

Our port lies at the centre of the northern coast of Spain, which is a great advantage for the establishing of national traffic between the north of the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean, as well as with the Canary Islands.

Its position also situates it at the centre of the European Atlantic face, thus making us a geographically ideal hub for international trade, mainly with the American continent and Northern Europe.

We can also count on the back-up of access points for different means of transport, given that we dispose of excellent rail and road infrastructures, as well as aerial links, given that Asturias airport lies a mere 15 km away from port facilities.

Indeed, these infrastructures enable us to handle some 6 million ton of traffic every year, which basically consists of solid bulk (62%), liquid bulk (11%) and general goods (27%); extremely satisfactory figures bearing in mind that we are an estuary port that receives sediment from different sources, a challenge that we face up to year in year out by means of the maintenance dredging of our sea bed.

We have over 375,000 m of storage space, a 2 km-long public mooring line with a 12-m draught, ideal for handling all types of goods.

Large enterprises in the environs of the port, and which have grown along with it, can boast of over 1.5 km of docking facilities and terminals held pursuant to operating licences.

Moreover, our port is equipped with frame cranes, cherry-pickers and container cranes, and further complemented with chutes, conveyor belts and hoppers.


Fish market Fish market

The Port of Avilés is proud of being home to a fishing dock and complex that have seen it become the most important in Asturias, and one which ranks among the most advanced in Spain in terms of both traffic and facilities.

What is more, we have a new fish market up and running, the buildings and equipment of which are ranked among the most modern in Spain, thus providing a boost to our already sound leadership in the fishing sector.

Likewise, we are extremely enthusiastic about the prospect of setting in motion the most ambitious extension plan in the history of our port. On foot of an investment of €100 million, co-financed by European Cohesion Funds, the right-hand shore of our estuary is to undergo a complete transformation with the construction of 1 km more of docks that will boast a draught of some 14 m.


Left bank quays Left bank quays

Some 400,000 m2 storage space is to be made available, which will be endowed with the infrastructures needed to ensure maximum operating efficiency and safety for daily port activities.

When the works have been completed, ships with a deadweight of over 75,000 ton will be able to dock at our port at any time of the day, no matter what the prevailing tide be. These docking actions will be possible as a result of the dredging that was carried out on the fairway, which left a draft of 12. 5 m: a project that was co-financed with ERDF funds.

Niemeyer Center Niemeyer Center
Neither should be overlook in this short introduction the excellent relations that prevail between the port and town of Avilés, by virtue of which leisure and marina spaces have been made available, not to mention the great enthusiasm we feel at having been included in town projects of enormous importance as are those of the Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre, and the Isle of Innovation project, both of which will greatly transform the appearance of the town.

It is our wish to furnish you with the best possible facilities so as to enable us to provide the best possible service, and one that ensures the safety, operability, speed and professionalism required to merit a positive assessment of your contact with the Port of Avilés.

Please feel free to surf around our virtual waters, where we hope that the waves will take you on a course to your liking. We would be delighted to receive any comments or suggestions that you would like to make that would enable us to enrich the experience of our port and provide greater satisfaction to our users and clients.