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Powers and functions


Port Authorities are public bodies pursuant to that which is provided for in Article 6 (6) of the consolidation of the Finance Act, with their own legal personality, capital, and powers to act. Furthermore, they are governed by legislation specific to same, by the applicable provisions of the Finance Act and, additionally by Law 6/1997 of 14 April concerning the Organisation and Operation of General State Administration.


Avilés Port Authority possesses the following powers within the port environment:

a) The provision of general port services, as well as authorisation and control over the basic port services required to ensure that these are carried out in optimum conditions in terms of efficiency, economy, productivity and safety, without prejudice to the powers of other authorities.
b) Planning of the port service and port use area in collaboration with the corresponding administration authorities in terms of town and country planning.
c) The planning, designing, building, preservation and operation of port works and services, and of the maritime signalling entrusted to it pursuant to that which is provided for in this law.
d) Management of the port public domain and of the maritime signalling attached to it.
e) Maximisation of the financial management of the port, and achieving a return on the capital and resources allocated to it.
f) Promotion of the industrial and trade activities linked to sea and port traffic.
g) Coordination of the different means of transport that operate within the port area.



In order to carry out these powers, port authorities are entrusted with a series functions pursuant to Law 27/1992, among which the following are worthy of special mention: the approval of fees for those services that are provided directly, the granting of licences and permits for public domain port uses, the entering into of port services' contracts and the managing of its business management policy.