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National security scheme


The Port Authority of Avilés depends on the ICT systems to achieve its goals. These systems must be diligently managed, taking all measures possible to protect them against accidental or deliberate damage that may affect the security of the processed information or the services rendered.

The aim of our information security is to guarantee the information quality and the continuous rendering of services, acting preventively, monitoring daily activities and reacting rapidly to possible incidents.

ICT systems must be protected against the evolution of any possible threats which have the potential to affect confidentiality, integrity, availability, traceability and authenticity of information and services.

In order to fight these possible threats, a strategy which is able to adapt to the undergoing changes in the surrounding conditions is required to guarantee the continuous rendering of services. This implies the implementation of minimum security measures required by the National Security Scheme, as well as the constant control of the service rendering levels, monitoring and analyzing the reported vulnerabilities and the preparation of an effective reaction to these incidents in order to secure the continuity of the services rendered.


The Spanish Royal Legislative Decree 3/2010 of January, 8th, which regulates the National Security Scheme (ENS) in relation to e-administration, was implemented in January 29th, 2010. It states the grounds in regard to building reliability on the use of electronic means so they allow the general public to exercise their rights and perform their duties the basis to generate reliance in the use of electronic means so that these may allow the exercise of rights and the performance of duties by the general public through them.

The Spanish Royal Legislative Decree 951/2015 of October, 23rd, (which modifies the Spanish Royal Legislative Decree 3/2010 of January, 8th) in relation to reinforcing the protection of the Public Administrations against cyber threats by adapting to the rapid evolution of technologies, was implemented in November 5th, 2015.

You may check our Information Security Policy in this document (only Spanish version available).

Política_de_Seguridad.pdf (335KB)