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Location and accesses

Location map and interest information for crew

You can download here the Avilés Port Location Map, with main interest points, safety rules and emergency numbers.

Information brochure Information brochure

General Data


Longitude: 5º 56' W
Latitude:  43º 35' N


Prevailing NW
Dominant NW


Maximum tide run                                                                              4.60 m
Lowest Low Water Equinoctial Spring Tide with respect to the port zero 0.00 m
Highest High Water Equinoctial Spring Tide with respect to port zero     4.60 m

Entry fairway

Direction NW
Width 103
B.M.V.E. draught 11.5 m
Seabed characteristics Sand, flint clay and rock
Length: 920

Estuary Mouth

Direction NW
Width 160 m
B.M.V.E. draught 11.5 m
Maximum current on record 2.25 knots